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A Laundry Poem

I entered the laundry room, What did I see? Laundry a plenty, Just waiting for me. I groaned and I cried! Why oh why did I not try, To do small loads before they piled to the sky? I grumbled and began to attack, I'm going to conquer that stack! My face was stern and my attitude abysmal, Doing laundry makes me need Pepto-Bismol®. Then I began to see not with my eyes but with my heart, The loved ones who piled the clothes like art. A leg growing so long and lean, The pants can't keep up with my almost teen. Cute little feet to fill those socks, That are often repurposed as bags for rocks. Goodbye Dora, Boots and Yo Gabba Gabba, Make room for tie-dye shirts and leggings of fuchsia.  Football and soccer shirts were themes for awhile, Now hoodies with snowboards or skateboards are more his style. Plaid or striped oxfords and dress pants too, Worn by the man who said "I want to marry you."  My grimace slowly began to turn to a smile, It will be my honor to do their laundr…

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY November 13, 2013
Outside my window...
beautiful sunshine!  Oh, how I've missed you.

I am thinking... of Christmas in Africa.  For those who celebrate, what might their special family traditions be?

I am thankful... for a God who cries when I cry and knows my pain and wants to comfort and heal me.

In the kitchen... I'm anticipating eating the butternut squash I picked up from the orchard the other day.

I am wearing... a bright yellow t-shirt that says, "Smile, God Loves You!" and black yoga pants.  The t-shirt was my dads and I imagine him giving me a hug every time I put it on.

I am creating... an art "corner" for the kids; since we'll be learning and trying a lot of art this quarter.

I am going... to the library to pick up some books about renaissance painters and then drive through for some fast food lunch.

I am wondering... how my sister is doing?  She is preparing for another surgery for her 10 week old daughter that is scheduled for tomorrow.

I am…

The Game Plan

When the weather starts to cool and the leaves change colors and drop to the ground, my husband and I have a disagreement on what the season is called.  I say autumn, he says football season.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of leaves to rake in autumn and a lot of football to watch during football season.

This past Sunday, while watching a football game or two, my active three year old grabbed his football and enlisted dad's participation in an indoor game of football.  Sitting on the sidelines I cheered as Mason improved his eye-hand coordination and strengthened his throwing arm.

My attention wandered at the umpteenth throw and my thoughts focused on how quickly Mason imitates the activities or behaviors he sees around him.  I find that three year olds are very good at copying.  The good and the bad.

This presents a unique parenting challenge.  If copying is the action, then I must consider that everything I watch, read, listen to and the words from my mouth, must be worthy …

A Circus Around Here Part II

Acrobats! Can you see the extra pair of feet?

A Circus Around Here

The kids snapped this photo.  It looks to me like some sort of circus performance.  Milo (the dog) decided to get on the same chair as Logan.  Wonder how many more family members we could fit on one chair?


"Hey mom, I'm a fireguy."
I love how Mason can re-purpose a tiara into some sort of fire apparatus.

simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY November 6, 2013

 Outside my window... red, orange and gold leaves on trees and blowing in the breeze.

 I am thinking... of my 'to do' list for today.

 I am thankful... for the courageous people who share the trials and tribulations in their lives so I can be inspired by their stories.

 In the kitchen... a new recipe, Black bean tortilla chili.  Yum.

I am wearing... purple shirt with blue jeans and pink socks.

I am creating... a list of books I'd like to purchase.  I love me some books.

I am going... to make buffalo chicken wings for dinner.

I am wondering... where the month of October hurried off to?

I am still reading...Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption by Katie Davis

I am hoping... to get outside for a walk tomorrow.

I am looking forward to... re-decorating the family room.  There is a plan slowly forming, now I just need to find a few key items.  Going to be a work in progress.

I am learning... French.

Around the house... the view out t…