What I Learned Camping

We went camping for the first time in over 12 years!  I know!  Crazy!  Here is what I learned:

1.  Packing for a camping trip is hard work!  Even if you have a handy dandy 'Camping Checklist', you will forget something(s).

2.  Racoons are very tenacious and clever.  They are even able to jump onto your vehicle when they smell food inside.  We found these footprints on the side mirror and the roof of our van.

3.  When making a Hobo meal for dinner, cut the potatoes smaller or you will be eating burned meat/veggies and potatoes that are on the hard side.

4.  Do not let your children bring juice boxes into your tent.  They will inevitably spill and not tell you until it's time to sleep.... in a wet sleeping bag.

5.  An old string of christmas lights thrown onto the campfire will turn the flames blue-green.  Who knew?!

6.  Boys will come home with all sorts of items in their pockets.

7.  Even with a 1/4" sleeping mat, the ground is hard!

8.  Don't pitch your tent on a slight downhill slope.  The occupants will all roll downhill during the night.
    8a.  You don't want to be the person on the downhill side.  You'll end up getting squished in the side of the tent every morning.  My two year old can attest to that.

9.  Birds love to serenade you very early every morning.

10.  Camping with a group of friends is a very relaxing and rewarding experience.  Friendships are strengthened and you learn all sorts of fun things.

11.  Always make time for a hike.  It can bring lovely unexpected adventures and the beautiful scenery just keeps going and going.

12.  Kids love camping!

13.  You may hear wonderful words from your daughter on the ride home.  Megan said to dad, "Dad, camping is the best!  I like sleeping in the tent and playing outside and I like it that you are with me all the time." 

14.  I didn't carry the camera around as much as I should have!  Here are a few photos from our weekend:

Chillin' by the morning fire.

My heartmate.

Staying a safe distance from the 'scary' fire.

Aah, morning coffee.


(There is even one that a friend took of daddy napping too!)


  1. We camped as children but did not camp with our girls. They are grown. I wish we had.
    Loved reading what you learned. Especially like #9!


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