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FOR TODAY December 10, 2012

Outside my window...
the sun is shining and making the fresh snow glisten with diamonds.  Beautiful!

I am thinking... of Robert Frost's poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.

I am thankful... for healthy children.

In the kitchen... There are a few dirty dishes that sit waiting for me and box cereal waiting for the children's breakfast.

I am wearing... my shortcomings on my sleeve.

I am creating... lesson plans for the kids schooling this week.

I am going... to cross off a task on my 'to do' list today; wrap Christmas presents. 

I am wondering... if there is an online resource that reviews educational apps?

I am reading... An Honest Look at a Mysterious Journey by John Stumbo

I am hoping... Mason will start feeling better.  He has some sort of intestinal yuck that isn't doing his sensitive bum any favors.  :(

I am looking forward to... getting together with my girlfriends.

I am learning... the fine art of knowing when to be silent and when to speak.

Around the house... shadows cast on the walls from the bright sunshine streaming through the windows. 

I am pondering... adding another responsibility to my list when I can't seem to keep up with the ones I have. 

A favorite quote for today... "...God's demand for perfection need not discourage you in the least in your present attempts to be good, or even in your present failures. Each time you fall He will pick you up again. And He knows perfectly well that your own efforts are never going to bring you anywhere near perfection." ~ C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

One of my favorite things... cuddling on the couch with my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week: swim lessons, AWANA, Co-op, Small group, wrap presents and stay on top of laundry.

A peek into my day... outside my window this morning.

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  1. That snow looks beautiful! I can only imagine how beautiful it is to look out at!


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