before and after

I talked about getting Mason's hair cut this week so I thought I'd give you some before and after pictures...but first a few words. 

My dad used to cut all the kids hair.  In fact he cut my hair all my life up until about a year ago.  We were lucky enough to have him give Mason his first haircut.  Sometimes he would look at Mason's hair and just shake his head or smile and then say something about all the cowlick's on Mason's head.  He's got at least three.  One strong one in front and two in back that are side by side and swirl in opposite directions.  (What's a mom to do with that?!)  I say this in a joking way, but I'm pretty sure my dad was afraid to cut Mason's hair and that is one of the reasons he passed away so soon.  God had mercy on him.  :)  I bet every time Mason gets his hair cut now God will nudge dad in that inside joke kind of way.  ♥




  1. Oh, Kim! This truly brought tears to my eyes. How very sweet to have those memories of you dad. I think your baby boys hair is adorable but I'm sure those cowlicks will be a source of hair stress for this sweet boy when he becomes a young man.
    ~ a

  2. What an adorable little man! Love those pictures. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. Have a blessed day.


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