Winter Snowshoeing

We were able to take advantage of a recent snowfall and get in some snowshoeing a few weeks ago.  I don't think it has snowed very much since and our weather has been unseasonably warm.  Very abnormal for this time of year.  Anyway, thought I should post these before spring arrives and winter becomes a distant memory.
As you can tell, Megan is very excited to be heading out with the family on snowshoes!  Actually this picture was taken after her brother hit her with a snowball, while she was complaining about wearing the snowshoes.

She is indulging me with a 'smile' for the camera.

Ah, now she's ready.  Minus snowshoes. 

Two of my five boys.  The oldest and the youngest.  :)

A group shot.  I love how Mason is peeking around dad's shoulder.  He did pretty good.  Kept losing his mittens and dad kept poking him in the head with sticks when we went off trail.  In spite of that, he seemed to enjoy the ride.

Ethan enjoys making trail by himself.  Always the adventurer.

Looking for the next trailhead.


We even saw this little animal on our trek.

Ah, time to relax.  We made it to the river.

Checking out the ice.  Looked pretty thick, thankfully!

Logan's snow angel.

Ethan's snow angel.

Megan's snow angel.

Even I made one.  Not easy for an old lady in snowshoes.

I'm sure she was chatting about snow or birds or sticks or Legos. :)

On our way home.


  1. a warm feeling in my heart seeing the delight on a cold winter day mum


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