such a jumble

This is what the dining room table looked like when I woke up this morning.  Such a mess!  The dining room is right next to the living room where I usually sit for quiet time in the morning.  As I sat in the living room and gazed upon the jumble, I was truly wondering how I'd be able to enjoy my quiet time with such noise next to me.  I was about to get up to tidy the table when I really looked at the mess...
Handwriting practice that wasn't even on the lesson plan.

Megan's picture.  I love the lip sticker.

Mason's crayons.  He'll draw with them occasionally but mostly enjoys taking them out and putting them back in the box.

An original Lego jungle treasure hunt complete with traps.  I thought it most appropriate sitting on top of schoolwork.  Lego's are always interrupting a good lesson.


(Artwork by Megan age 4)

After looking at each project individually it wasn't a mess anymore.  It was a group of activities my children were engaged in yesterday.  All individually working at various activities, together (harmoniously) on one table.  I enjoyed my quiet time more than usual this morning and I thanked God for these children that I have the honor of serving.


  1. Kim I love this post. So glad you can see through the pile of things and find the joy of your children's learning and creativity.

  2. Kim,
    What a sweet perspective. I love the art work and all the signs of learning under your roof.


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