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FOR TODAY November 16, 2011
Outside my window... a few leaves are tenaciously hanging onto their branches, the sun is fighting to be seen through a blanket of gray clouds and a cardinal is scavenging for food.

I am thinking... that I need to find a way to reduce my stress levels.

I am thankful... for children who sleep until 7am and beyond.

From the learning rooms...the roaring twenties and the great depression.

In the kitchen... leftovers and dirt cake.

I am wearing... my jammies until I finish this post, then I'll get ready for the day.

I am creating... many boards on Pinterest.

I am write a few thank you notes today.

I am wondering... why some of my friends think I'm narrow minded because I have certain morals, values and opinions that they do not share.  Are they the narrow minded ones?

I am reading... many different articles on many different blogs and websites today.

I am hoping... to get some fun beach pictures of the children and then update the look of this blog.


Looking in the Rearview Mirror

We had a rough weekend.  It began Thursday night when Mason's breathing became raspy sounding.  We knew he had croup.  That night and into early Friday morning we were up with him almost every hour giving him steam "treatments" in the bathroom and then bundling him up to bring him into the cold night air to hopefully open up his airways so he could breathe easier.  At about four a.m., when the steam and cold air therapy didn't seem to work we called the on call nurse and put the phone to Mister M so she could listen to his breathing.  It was at that moment that the nurse told us what every parent dreads to hear, "You need to call 911 immediately."  And so our long weekend began.

They evaluated Mister M in the ER and gave him a nebulizer treatment and soon made the decision to transfer him to another hospital thirty minutes away which had a pediatric intensive care unit.  Fast forward through all the breathing treatments, steroid shots and worry to Sunday af…


Megan said to me the other night, "Planking would be easier in bed." 

For those of you who wondered what in the world that means, don't be alarmed.  Planking is an activity where you lie face down straight as a wooden "plank" in an unusual or incongruous location.  I first heard of planking while reading about the travel adventures of Mike and Lisa.  They took a picture of Mike "planking" in San Francisco and another at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Having a picture taken of the participant and posting it on the internet is part of the "game".  People try to be so unusual or extreme in location and position, that there have been reports of people dying while attempting to plank!

The kids were watching a show on Disney channel called Take Two with Phineas and Ferb (one of their dad's favorite shows) and Ben Stiller was their guest.  You can watch it here .  Hence the reason for M's statement. 

She makes me laugh.  I wonder how much though…

Happy Halloween 2011

Right from the start The night was set apart
The pumpkins and straw bales, Cornstalks and apples bobbing in pails
The kids costumes were ready Pictures were taken to share with Grandma's Marcia & Betty
A wounded soldier and mummy (with dad) ran through the 'hood Knocking on doors and saying trick or treat as they stood
A mom and baby at home with a sick girl Answering the doorbell and watching many princesses run & twirl
The boys arrived with candy galore A girl dressed as a pretty kitty now wants to go door to door
Out goes dad with girl in tow A quick run around the block they did go
The boys show mom all their loot While the doorbell keeps ringing by kids so cute
All home, time to settle down and get cozy and warm Plans for next years costume already begin to form.
Happy Halloween!

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 8, 2011
Outside my window...November rain has come to stay for a few days.  That's ok with me.  I do not want snow just yet.
I am thinking... of and praying for my children to get over their colds, my mother and father-in-law to make the right decisions and be able to find the perfect place to live and for me to be content and thankful in all circumstances.
I am thankful... that my husband was able to mow the lawn for perhaps the last time yesterday, even if he did finish in the dark.
From the learning rooms... our unit celebration is Friday!  We have 9 weeks under our belts and are working through week ten!  We will be dressing up on Friday and hoping to portray someone from the 1900-1920's.  Some of us are still undecided and we better get a move on!
In the kitchen... menu planning for the rest of the week to include food from the 1900-1920's for Friday.
I am wearing... my favorite hooded sweatshirt and pajama bottoms.  Perfect rainy day clothes if yo…