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A Square Stomach

This is the conversation that M and I had at lunch this afternoon:

M - "Mom, when we were looking at the Human Body Book, they got something wrong."

"Oh, what was that?"

M - "Well, when they showed where the food went it was oval."

"The stomach was oval shaped?"

M - "Yes."

"What shape do you think your stomach is?"

M - "Square."

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today July 13, 2011
Outside my window... the sky is dark and the birds are all clamouring at the bird feeder.  Only 20 percent chance of rain today but it looks more like 90 percent.
I am thinking... of my handsome husband who makes coffee for me every morning.  I don't express my gratitude for this simple act of love often enough!

I am thankful for... my coffee and the man who makes it.  :D  Also thankful that my children wake up most mornings with cheerful hearts ready to conquer the day.

I am wearing... a red t-shirt and black shorts and a fleece coat because it's rather chilly this summer morning.

In the learning rooms... summer school has officially started.  The boys are doing two-three weeks of math and handwriting and anything else we want to throw in.

I am remembering... my fifteenth wedding anniversary is coming up next week.

I am going... to get some overdue library books returned today!  I have been at procrastination station and it's time to get the train movin…

Little Toad House

This little toad house was a gift from grandma.  We were excited to put it outside when we opened it back in March, but the weather can be sketchy at that time of year and grandma wasn't sure if it was sturdy enough to endure a freeze or two before summer.  So we waited patiently for a few months and then chose a spot out in the garden.  Then we chose another location that seemed to suit the little house better.  And yet again the house endured one more move before it ended up here.
Today, much to our surprise and delight the kids discovered that someone has moved in.  Yep, the toad house has a little toad occupant.  What fun!

Tie Dye Fun

Our parks and rec department has a playground program for the summer in which there are organized games and activities for children ages 7 to 15.  It is a great opportunity for my homeschooled boys to play with others in the neighborhood that are not right next door, be exposed to new games and activities and just have fun.  So far they have played games such as dodgeball, capture the flag, hide n' seek, etc.  Today, much to their delight (and mine) they were able to tie-dye t-shirts.
E with his two shirts.  One for him and one for his sister. L with his shirts.  One for him and one for his baby brother.

A Rule Duel

The other day E asked me how to spell 'quiet'.  Then L asked me how to spell 'keep'.  Aside from the fact that he knows how to spell keep, I was beginning to wonder what was up.  Why were the two boys taking time out of their busy play outside to sit quietly and write?  If you are a mom of 10 and 8 year old boys, you know that is pretty unusual for them to spontaneously write without being asked.  It began to make sense when M asked me how to spell 'brothers'.  This is what I found when I went down the hall to their bedrooms. The boys door with many signs.
Love the face!
M's door across the hall.
For those who have a hard time reading 4 year old writing, the sign says "Knock first brothers".
Ah, sibling quarrels.  At least these were of the silent variety this time.  I'm not sure who first had the idea.  I believe it was actually M and the boys decided to counter her "attack" with a few more signs.  One of the boys signs reads, "No b…