Snowy Fun

This past weekend we joined some friends out on the lake for their 2nd annual "Chili Dump".  If you don't know what a chili dump is, you are not alone.  A chili dump is where you make chili, along with everyone else in attendance and throw it together in one large pot.  Makes for some interesting chili.  The thing is, the chili keeps changing as people keep adding to it.  You can go back for seconds, thirds or fourths and it will taste different each time.
We also enjoyed some winter activities out on the lake in between bites of chili.  There was four-wheeling and sledding behind the four-wheeler.  The kids also enjoyed climbing the ice shoves and pelting unsuspecting sledders with snowballs as they rode by.
Our friend Hayes on the four-wheeler.  He wanted to drive all day!

The line to climb the ice shove.

Precariously perched on top of the ice.

Look at the determination to make it to the top.

A victorious smile!

Drawing on the ice,
relaxing and enjoying a "homemade snow cookie".

Now to enjoy a little down time.....
three friends on a bench with their Ninetendo DS's!

We were all cold and tired when we left.  When we arrived home, we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate together and re-lived some of our most exciting moments of the day.  All the boys enjoyed the snowball fights and riding the four-wheeler, M enjoyed eating snow and I enjoyed the nice warm fire!


  1. I have never heard of a chili dump...but it does sound fun! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

  2. Chili dump? A new party idea! Thanks ;) Looks like you've been having fun in the snow!


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