A Little Girl and Chocolate Chips

Once upon a time there was a little girl who went shopping with her mom.  Among the items purchased was a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.  When mom and the little girl arrived home they were putting the groceries away when the little girl spied the chocolate chips and sweetly asked, "Mama, can I have some of these?" Mama replied, "No, those are for chocolate chip cookies that we will make another day."  The little girl obediently put away the chocolate chips and went on her merry way.  Chocolate chips forgotten, or so mom thought.

A few hours later, mom was outside shoveling when Big Brother popped his head out the door and asked, "Did you tell M that she could have some chocolate chips?"  Mom replied, "No, she may not."  "Oh, she told me you said yes." said Big Brother.  (Hmmm, I better keep a close eye on that one, thought mom.)

The next morning Mom was about to get in the shower when Little Girl peeked her sleepy head in the door.  "Good Morning" said Mom, "You're up early."  "Can I watch TV?" asked Little Girl.  "Yes, while I'm in the shower you can watch tv." replied Mom.  So, Mom turned on the tv for Little Girl and hopped in the shower.  When mom was ready for the day she went in search of Little Girl to see if she wanted some breakfast.  There, happily sitting in front of the tv sat Little Girl.  Much to mom's surprise Little Girl had some sort of dark brown ring around her mouth.  Before mom could panic too much, she noticed a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips sitting in the little girl's lap!

While mom was in the shower, Little Girl decided to find a stool, reach the chocolate chips in the pantry, find a scissors(!) and shred open the bag of chocolate chips and help herself to a sweet treat.  When mom asked the little girl what she was doing, the little girl sweetly replied, "Nothing."  The End.

This is the point where I should insert a picture of Little Girl and the chocolate ring around her mouth, but I'm still learning the "grab the camera" trick when little mishaps present themselves.  One thing is for sure, that little girl sure is tenacious when she wants something.  I wonder how that will translate when she is older and making her way through the world on her own?


  1. Oh oh....I think *I* can be just as tenacious when longing for some chocolate! ;-)

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Ah yes, what will the future bring.It will be interesting! I don't really need a camera to recreate the image of the "brown ring" and her look innocence. I can see it clearly. Thanks for the cute story

  3. LOL! I think leaving the image to our imagination works just as well.

    (alecat ~ visiting from Simple Woman's Diary)

  4. reminds me of a "little girl" I knew who was pretty sneaky, too...she was a bit older and would take the sharp edge of a scissors to cut along the bag seam...squeeze out some chips...and then pat it shut again. Mom usually didn't figure it out. Well...at least that's what I'd still like to believe :)

  5. Uh oh Patti, I think the cat is out of the bag now. Probably with a little chocolate on his whiskers too! ☺


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