That's a Doodlebug?!

We are big fans of The Laurie Berkner Band and one of our favorite songs is Doodlebugs from the album Whaddaya Think of That?  This song always makes us feel like dancing and has given us a pleasant picture of doodlebugs.  So imagine our surprise when we came across an educational program on PBS that talked about doodlebugs.  How this critter is also called an Antlion and preys on ants.  I wasn't sure exactly what I thought a doodlebug looked like but all of us were surprised by the image that we saw on tv.  Here is a picture of a real doodlebug.

I am always amazed by our world and all the interesting critters that live here.  We are now going to do a study of doodlebugs at the kids request.  This is the part of homeschooling that I absolutely love!

I hope you will be inspired by a doodlebug today.