A Deconstructed Egg Salad Sandwich

On any Wednesday night, after the children are in bed, you can find me and my husband relaxing in front of the television watching the Bravo tv show Top Chef.  The series features sixteen aspiring chefs who compete in two cooking challenges during each episode.  Their food is then judged according to the challenge issued and there is usually a winner for the challenge and a loser.
My husband and I are always amazed at the skill of these chefs.  One of our favorite parts is to see how each chef chooses to "plate" their food.  This is basically the overall look and presentation of the food when served. 
Today I decided to try my hand at plating my childrens lunch to look artistic.  The responses were humorous.  L gave me a "Do I have to eat that" look, while E said, "This looks weird."  While I didn't win any points for creativity in plating from my children, I certainly amused myself with the challenge.
Here is a picture of my "deconstructed egg salad sandwich" for your viewing pleasure.  Bon Appetit!


  1. Love it! What a cute idea! I LOVE to watch Top Chef but hubby hates it so I watch while I iron clothes on Wed. nights and he goes upstairs to watch the outdoor channel!


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