All Figured Out?

Just when I think I have one of the children all figured out.....
Take, for example, M.
Here she is about 6 months ago.  She loved to put on clothes.  The less they matched the more she wanted them together.  Layering was big. 

And this one.... notice the gloves.

This type of layering isn't an issue, unless you want to take the kids out of the house.  Say, to the grocery store, library, a play date or even church.  Then, M's semi-fashion conscious mom, tends to be a bit uneasy.  I mean, don't we moms want our children to reflect our sense of style?  What might this say about me?  Well, it's not all about me, is it?  And, I have found that it's easier to put shoes on the girl and get in the car, than it is to argue why such outfits might not be suitable for a summer climate.

So you can imagine my bewilderment when last week I started to notice a change in the amount of layers being worn by M.  At the most inopportune moments (entertaining friends comes to mind) she would run through the room or bound down the stairs declaring she was hot, or wanted to go swimming (in the living room)!

I thought it was a momentary thing.  A passing fancy.  A fly by the seat of your pants (or not pants) moment.  However, it's becoming a regular occurrence in the home.  Hmmm.  Should I discourage this behavior?  If I don't, will it lead to a war of wills when it's time to get in the car?  Will I someday pick her up from church with her clothes MIA?  Will I have to explain how cold it is outside and that she needs to wear her clothes when there is snow on the ground?  Or will I let her learn from experience?  Hmmm, wonder if I'll ever figure out this thing called parenting?


  1. Kim~

    I am laughing, I can't tell if you are, but I imagine she does get your full attention!

    My younger sister used to run about was quite the race to catch her and get some clothes back on her. I remember my mum wasn't laughing when the guests where there ;-)

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  2. Yes Kimmie, I am laughing. Such a fun age. ;D

  3. Glad everyone is laughing because I can't offer any advice either while I laugh, too! All I know is that this stage comes and goes although wearing odd things together sometimes continues longer than we grown ups would like...

    Tammy ~@~


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